Revolutionary Honda Spiral Exhaust Doubles as Splash Shield in Pursuit of Efficiency

Honda has submitted a patent for a corkscrew-shaped exhaust pipe which serves as both an exhaust and a fender in its pursuit of higher efficiency.

Car manufacturers continuously pursue efficiency, not just in fuel consumption but also in parts, expenses, materials, and finding different purposes for a single component. In that vein, Honda has submitted a patent for a corkscrew-shaped exhaust tube that serves as both an exhaust and a fender.

In the patent initially reported by Carbuzz, Honda introduces a spiraling exhaust pipe section where a muffler would typically be placed. The patent also shows a muffler inside the spiral section, which resembles a coiled potato snack at the back of the car. Interestingly, the muffler section appears to be positioned in such a way that it could serve double duty as a fender rather than a plastic panel or a mud flap. However, in other photos in the same patent filing, it seems to be out of the way and may not be able to fulfill that function.

The filing’s text explores the possibility of saving money and environmental costs by utilizing the exhaust pipe for two purposes, but acknowledges that the pipe may require a light splash guard to prevent the pipe from deforming when cold water hits the hot metal. According to the filing, the muffler is capable of withstanding any splashes of water.

In addition, the patent filing appears to be identical to the exhaust design used in the current Honda Civic Si, which Honda claims to have improved flow while optimizing muffling. Currently, it is only found on the Si, and the coiled potato design offers 27% more exhaust flow. Additionally, the mufflers on the Si are subjected to water splashes, with a somewhat smaller rear fender to compensate.

Honda has had this technology on the Civic Si for a couple of years, but it appears that the patent has only just been submitted. Hopefully, this has cleared up the mystery surrounding Honda’s coiled exhaust.

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